Let’s Get Physical: The Importance of Physical Activity!

A daily exercise routine is one of the fundamental pillars of building and maintaining your integral health. Of course, it brings many benefits to your body directly, but it’s complex connections beyond that we have to always keep in mind.

Exercising is more than just the warm, tiredness of our muscles after a workout.

I started making an effort towards daily exercise more than 20 years ago. Thanks to that I’ve been able to maintain the health, strength and spirit of my youth. 

Every day I make it to a gym. On days when I can’t get there, I train at home. Simple calisthenics, movement and core strength exercises, stretches and the cardio workout I get from walking or riding a bike are everything the body needs to keep healthy. 

Thanks to the regularity of these activities, today I have the health of a much younger woman.

That’s all with no more than 45 minutes a day. We’ll come back to some of the most effective life and health extending routines, but for now, if you’re looking for motivation to get you back into the gym, let’s revisit why we need to do this.

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Increase Physical Endurance

Are you tired of feeling tired? Exercise not only tones and strengthens muscles, but it keep our heart and lungs healthy and active, ensuring that we can keep going with our daily routines even longer!

Maintains Bone Density

Keeping your body healthy means your body keeps its processes healthy too. As we age our body tends to get worse and worse at building strong new bones; exercise reverses that, ensuring that our bodies keep on making strong new bones, keeping us fitter, healthier and more active for longer.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Have you been diagnosed with high blood-pressure? It’s very common, given the prevalent diet and lifestyle. Regular exercise keeps cholesterol down, easing the load on your arteries and instantly lowering your blood pressure. Less work for your heart means it’ll be able to keep pumping longer!

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

A healthy diet + regular activity will get your weight down and keep it there. That will help your blood pressure, it’ll help your energy levels, it’ll help your joints and your sleeping. There’s practically nothing in your life that won’t get better when you shed those extra of pounds.

Such as…

Improved Insulin Resistance

This is another one helped by weight loss and a healthy application of regular physical activity. Did you know there’s an increasing body of research that you can even reverse Type 2 Diabetes with weight loss and exercise?

Build Self-esteem

Maintaining your goal weight will obviously boost your self-esteem, but exercise in itself will also boost your dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. The first gives you a short term feeling of pleasure, contentment and accomplishment, the latter will keep you ‘happier’ longer. (I admit, this is simplified – ‘happy’ is a tough one to gauge, but ‘less likely to be sad’ doesn’t have the same ringing endorsement)

Which also sounds like…

Reduce Stress

Yes, boosted serotonin levels can help in controlling both stress and anxiety levels. Taking your mind off the issues of work and the everyday with a walk or workout is a great way to help yourself in the short-term while also helping yourself in the longterm.

For years, I’ve been in the habit of taking a walk around the block whenever I feel my stress levels rising. Changing my energy, changing my surroundings and taking a few deep breaths never fails to give me a clearer perspective on what’s causing me stress, but also it adds to my exercise!

Get Ahead of the Problem

Maintaining a healthy body is the clearest path to ensuring a good quality of life.

Start your basic routines with a suitable coach. Personal trainers aren’t cheap, but exercising wrongly or trying to do too much can result in injury, which is the exact opposite of what we’re aiming for!

Once you can do the routines you need at an appropriate speed you’ll be unstoppable. 

Don’t forget that physical activity is vital! 


Start exercising, start building the best version of yourself!

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