Christmas! Time to Dec(orate) the Halls!

Christmas is almost here and I find my mind turning to thoughts of how I’ll be decorating this year.

I love the traditional tree. All its details, colours and smell say Christmas to me, but I also love to see what new ideas and trends are being thought up.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping traditions fresh! In fact, I’d say it’s essential.

And this is an extra special Christmas! Not only is it the first for La Dama but it marks the dawn of a whole new decade! This is a powerful time to be saying “thank you and goodbye” to the past and looking ahead to the new.

And what a lot of new there is!

So looking at all the exciting trends that we’re seeing in magazines and storefronts these are the Christmas looks I can’t stop thinking about…

Christmas Decoration Trends 2019!

There are a lot of industrial influences; plenty of Scandinavian hygge (cosy homeliness), which tends towards a vintage luxury or worn, lived-in rustic quality; and last but not least, playful and colourful styles – after all, Christmas is a time about children and what are children other than the future!

Let’s see what each one is about.

Scandinavian Style: Hygge

Scandinavians are all about natural beauty and materials. It’s a serene style inspired by the northern landscape, which comes alive in the cool winter light.

And with all that cold outside, the home becomes a cosy refuge from the elements.

The Scandinavians emphasise the use of artisan techniques combined with a commonsense use of technology to create contemporary, efficient pieces that compliment nature.

Using lots of light woods and furs (or faux furs!) is one way to get this look, but might be more than you’re looking to spend for a Christmas look!

I’ve found you can capture a lot of the Scandinavian essence by turning to cool, delicate, winter pastel colours in contrast with earthy browns and shades of gray. This will instantly bring a sense of Scandinavian nature to your home.

Play with the rich evergreen of conifers that peak through under snow, blue sky and eucalyptus greens which will all add rich tones and highlights to your scheme.

Another clever trick I learned years ago: if you’re looking to bring a sense of cold to a room without actually turning down the thermostat, then try using translucent materials and high-sheen metals. Keep an eye out for pale gold, silver and copper ornaments; once you know this decorator’s trick you’ll start to see it used everywhere.

Playful Style

While it’s fun to play with winter themes, the risk is that it can feel too cold when it’s overdone. Always remember to keep Christmas fun!

Afterall, this is a season of joy.

Try mixing in pop-inspired ideas and children’s games – elements of kitsch and vintage toys, that might even recall your own childhood.

And when it comes to colours, the easiest way to keep joy in your Christmas decorations is by going bright. This year, think turquoise, cherry, lime and red; all of these will contrast wonderfully with white and black and they’ll really pop in your space.

They never fail to make me smile.

Can it ever be too much?

Have you noticed decoration in all the magazines seems to have been getting busier and busier? Every spread seems to be so packed with details and fascinating little things. I love these bohemian spreads and in 2019 it’s called “maximalism”; it’s an over-the-top, eclecticism inspired by the interiors of royalty and I think it’s really fun.

Rich and opulent, this luxury style combines soft velvet surfaces with metallic glitter and highlights from heavy ornaments.

In a contrast to childish playfulness and Scandinavian cool, I’m really excited to experiment with the dark and saturated tones here that are just so rich and luxurious.

If you combine these influences with the tones of precious stones – turquoise and ruby could be great linking colours here – and high-gloss metallic finishes. I’m thinking about black, tin and gold for some dramatic contrasts.

Rustic Christmas Decoration

Last and probably the most trusted trend of recent years are these rustic decorations. The homemade shapes, irregular driftwood ornaments, worn and faded give a sense of homely imperfection.

But as with maximalism, it’s important not to confuse ‘rustic’ or ‘homemade’ with disorganised or messy.

We’re trying to enhance our homes, not spoil them!

Some spaces – especially minimalist ones, like so many modern apartments – don’t lend themselves easily to rustic elements. I find they can be quickly overwhelmed and fight against them, so proceed with caution.

So you can see the huge range of materials, colours and textures that are on trend for Christmas this year. But what about the centrepiece of so many decorative schemes?

The Christmas Tree itself!

More and more people are using real Christmas Trees, which I love! The more nature we can use inside our homes, the more alive they feel.

As well as the tree itself, I love decorating my home with branches of pine and eucalyptus, along with flowers in pastel shades.

Complementing these natural elements with reusable material such as metal, mesh, wicker and rope etc. can really strengthen your rustic and handmade influences.

And that leads to the last, important influences for this Christmas…

The Fourth Trend: Sustainability!

Looking forward to the new decade, sustainability is front and centre for so many of us these days. It’s important to look at the big holidays as an opportunity to practice what we preach.

Maintaining a “traditional Christmas” has advantages; when we reuse decorations and materials each year it allows us to link every Christmas with fond memories, but it also means we get to cut down on waste and save money!

And that brings some people all the way back to the humble Christmas Tree. Rather than buying a newly-cut tree each year they either plant their own Christmas fir or make do with an alternative, suitably large potted plant inside.

When it comes to decorations, making your own figures with wire can lead to brilliant results; stars, deer, Santa Claus, candles, and even simple circles of different sizes are all surprisingly effective.

For that extra “magic” you can paint these creations and dress them with lights, or cover them with natural-coloured twine or ribbon and decorate them with bows and colourful flowers for an enhanced natural effect.

These are such fun projects for the younger members of the family and helps to ensure that Christmas is a time of family and fun, not just waiting to open presents!

Last but not least: try to make your own Christmas wreaths! Next to the tree, these are the Christmas ornament to me.

To me, they represent a coming together, like a hug and an eternal continuation. I think they’re truly magical and nothing can make them more personal than to make them yourself.

When you do, consider metallic highlights and pastel colours; watch them come alive!

That’s it for my Christmas trends and ideas for 2019!

Let me know how your Christmas decorations go! I love seeing the pictures from all your projects, so be sure to comment below, send me an email or tag your instagrams #erudita.

Merry Christmas!

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